Gracie Lu, Canine Associate Consultant

Gracie Lu brings high energy, confidence, and a

zest for life to our office!  One of her main office responsibilities is herding the pesky cats out of the office whenever they become a bit too rambunctious during official work-time. During downtime, she likes to look at photos of herself on her monitor and always has her Kong toy within reach and ready for for a good chew.


Tanner, Junior Canine Associate Consultant

Although he's now a senior pup, Tanner prefers the role of Junior Canine Consultant so he still has time to play with his toys or take a power nap during the business day.  The stapler is his favorite office accessory.





Stitch, Senior Canine Associate Consultant

Stitch is a 12 year old chug (chihuahua/pug mix) adopted from a shelter in Texas. She is still adjusting to the cold Syracuse climate, & enjoys wearing sweaters & cuddling in blankets. Stitch's favorite activities include eating peanut butter, getting belly rubs & snoozing on the couch in Emily's office, providing soothing snores & snorts while Emily works.




Agapi, Junior Canine Associate Consultant

Agapi is a 2 year old Australian Shepherd adopted from Misfits Animal Rescue & Sanctuary. He lives every day to the fullest, & is always up for any adventure--his favorite activities include sneaking into the basement to steal the cat food, being held & snuggled like a baby, playing at the dog park, & carefully supervising everything Emily is doing. Because of Agapi's penchant for eating office supplies & nose booping Emily while she tries to talk on the phone, he goes to doggy daycare during working hours!

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Three Dog Consulting secures renewed grant funding for client, CancerConnects!





CancerConnects, Inc., has been awarded grant funding from the Saint Agatha Foundation ($747,500) for its financial assistance program for CNY breast cancer patients. [April 2021]

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