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NativityMiguel Coalition of schools will feature Maria Fibiger as a key presenter at the October 2017 National Conference in Boston 

This year's national conference of the NativityMiguel Coalition of Catholic schools will feature Maria Fibiger as a key presenter on October 26, 2017 in Boston.  Maria's presentation, "Becoming Who You Are: A Lifecycles Approach to Nonprofit Capacity" is based on Dr. Susan Kenny Stevens’ widely popular book, Nonprofit Lifecycles, and will provide a practical way to think about strengthening organizational capacity, no matter what the school's age or size, using seven lifecycle stages to describe the predictable growing pains nonprofits experience at each stage of development.

Senior Consultant, Maria Fibiger, leads Gifford Foundation POWER 2 initiative for start-up & grassroots organization

After the success of the inaugural POWER (People & Organizations With Energy and Resiliance) initiative program, The Gifford Foundation is funding POWER 2, again providing start-up and grassroots organizations with investment funds and a trained consultant to boost their capacity.  This innovative program aims to increase the strength and operating capacity of six small selected nonprofits and is being led by our Senior Consultant, Maria Fibiger, and includes the following worthy Central NY organizations:  Believe in Syracuse, Cuse Pit Crew, Open Hand Theater, Onondaga Earth Corps, Dance Theater of Syracuse, and RISE.  Other consultants bringing their talent to POWER are:  Beth Leibrick, Patty Weisse, Jeff Grimshaw, and Babette Baker.  The POWER 2 initiative ends in September 2017... stay tuned for a final progress report on this remarkable program based upon the Nonprofit LifecyclesTM model is making a positive difference for CNY community organizations!

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Three Dog Consulting secures new grant $$ for CancerConnects, Inc.!



CancerConnects, Inc., has just received grant funding from Saint Agatha Foundation ($566,500) for its financial assistance program for CNY breast cancer patients. [July 2017]

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